41 Inspiring Handicap Bathroom Design Ideas

Inspiring Handicap Bathroom Design Ideas 38 Inspiring Handicap Bathroom Design Ideas 38

Choosing showers and bathroom accessories for disabled people has become easier thanks to innovations and advancements in technology. There is a wide selection of handicap products available for you to choose from.

If you do not have an idea about the type of accessories handicap bathrooms come with, think along the lines of bathrooms in nursing homes or adult foster care homes. This approximation works well in most cases.

Handicap showers

Most handicap showers look like brick tiles while others are made from fiberglass. These work well not just for handicapped people but also for elderly people with weakened motor abilities. For such people, bathing can be a stressful experience. Handicap showers are built to reduce this anxiety and make bathing a relaxing activity.

Most of the anxiety is because of the difficulty in moving in and out of the shower cubicle. Barrier free showers do not have the curb that most disabled people perceive as an obstacle.

Wheeling yourself in and out of the cubicle on a wheelchair is also easier in these showers as they have a no-slip surface which reduces risk of slipping. While the area inside the cubicle is dry, you have to take certain measures to ensure the surrounding floor is also dry. Using vertical ramps is a great way to stop water leakage, and the ramp can be put up as a barrier after wheeling the person inside the shower cubicle.

Aged people and those with mobility issues find it difficult to take a shower standing up. Most handicap showers consist of shower chairs, shower beds and are large self-contained cubicles with enough shelf space to store soap and shampoo.

They are built with seating to help the user relax comfortably while bathing. Handicap showers that allow the user to lie down while showering are for the severely handicapped lot. These showers are valuable additions to handicap bathrooms and can make a caregiver’s work much easier.

You can buy handicap showers at specialist manufacturers. You should research online and find out about different handicap bathroom designs before buying one. Maintaining the shower does not require any special care. Spraying the shower with cleaning supplies, just as you do with any other shower, is all the maintenance it needs.

Other accessories you can add

Apart from handicap showers, there are other accessories that you can add, such as handheld showerheads, sturdy grab bars in moisture soaking materials, etc which make the bathroom much safer.

Ensuring that there is optimum lighting will prevent the user from colliding into bathroom walls or other accessories. Keeping the accessories functional and minimal is vital. Avoid decorative items within the bathroom and keep the space as spacious and airy as possible. Handicap bathrooms allow an independent and comfortable bathing experience.

Depending on your needs, you can either get the entire bathroom remodeled or add specific modifications to make life easier for the aged/physically handicapped members of your family. When you do remodel your bathroom or purchase handicap accessories, make sure that they follow all prescribed ADA rules.


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