48 Most Unique Exterior Stone Ideas For Amazing Home

Most Unique Exterior Stone Ideas For Amazing Home 28 Most Unique Exterior Stone Ideas For Amazing Home 28

Adding a new look and texture to your house’s exterior is a great way for you to transform your place into your dream home. Stone siding has always been a popular choice among homeowners who would want to transform their houses to something that is plain and simple to an extraordinary one.

Just like flooring technology, the advancements in stone effects as exteriors have come a long way. Such cladding is also popular choice for home interiors in character walls and fireplace surrounds. Here are five types of siding ideas to help you with your home improvement project.

Solid siding. Since then, solid stone cladding has been commonly used in many exterior surfacing projects because of its unparalleled durability and unique authentic look of a naturally occurring stone. The latest innovations have tried to reduce problems dealing with this type of siding such as excessive weight and intensive labor needed to harvest the stone materials.

Manufactured stone siding. These artificially manufactured stones minimize some of the limitations brought about by solid stone siding. Also known as cultured stones, these siding materials are made up of molds that duplicate the appearance of a real stone. This type of stone siding is made with cement and set into molds that resemble the naturally occurring ones. This kind of stone siding weighs less and is more affordable to ship.

Polyurethane-based foam panel siding. A faux stone panel is a lightweight alternative to a real stone made out of densely rendered polyurethane. This type of siding is made to be installed in panels and not on a stone-by-stone basis, making installation easy and straight forward. Faux panels are good replicas of the real and only a touch will reveal its hidden secrets. They are made to be weather resistant too.

Natural stone cladding. Granite slab is a popular choice among natural stone surface cladding. Granite is considered as a dense type of natural stone that is able to resists cracking. The stone cladding surface tends to have irregular contours, very much similar to a traditional masonry. But the back portion of each backing part is flat.

Stone veneer panel siding. Many homeowners and masonry contractors recommend veneer panel siding because they are derived from real stones. The panel systems of these veneer cladding are uniquely designed to click together similar to puzzle pieces. This type of siding features a multidimensional texture, aesthetic look and the feel of an authentic stone siding surface.


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