43 Beautiful Door Ideas For You Who Are Looking For Inspiration

Beautiful Door Ideas For You Who Are Looking For Inspiration 40 Beautiful Door Ideas For You Who Are Looking For Inspiration 40

Bored with your current door? Looking for a unique design as you build your home from the ground up? Whatever the case may be, you might want to consider bringing a bit of Italy into your home designs. Tuscan doors are a popular way to bring the Old World into the present.

Brought forth through the inspiration of Italian villas, they first began to grow outside of their homeland in England during the 1840s. Since then, they’ve continued to spread their influence until now where people love the originality and simple beauty that the homes and doors alike have to offer.

From terra cotta roofs to stucco and stone construction, wooden shutters to arched windows, there’s bound to be something about a Tuscan style home that you’ll fall in love with. This can be where you take your inspiration, or you may just want to take the door design and incorporate it into your own home.

With this blend of Old World and Mediterranean together, you’ll find doors that typically have arched designs with any number of windows, although as with most doors, windows are entirely optional. You may discover additional accents on the doors as well, such as wrought iron.

You may have to give your home a second look when it comes to the door frame. Will a Tuscan door fit properly in place? This is because the majority of homes feature traditional rectangular door frames and most Tuscan doors are arched. You may find yourself hard pressed to get a Tuscan door that will suit a rectangular frame.

If you aren’t sure how to get a Tuscan door to fit to your home, consult a professional. They may be able to give you good advice on how to adjust the frame of your door in order to suit the door. In addition, they may be able to offer you the elements of a Tuscan door and fit it into your current frame. While it may lose some things that truly give it that Tuscan style, you will still be able to have a beautiful door that people will notice every time they visit.

Start shopping around on your own. Look online for the kind of door you want in terms of what type of wood you want, the number of windows, and the style of those windows. If you choose to avoid windows altogether, then you can choose how many door panels there are, as well as any other specific designs. This way you will have a solid idea of what you want in your door before you consult someone about a purchase.


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