48 Gorgeous Backyard Ponds Water Garden Landscaping Ideas

Gorgeous Backyard Ponds Water Garden Landscaping Ideas 40 Gorgeous Backyard Ponds Water Garden Landscaping Ideas 40

Home ponds can transform any outdoor living space into a serene paradise, creating a place to unwind, relax and enjoy time with family and friends, right in your own backyard. With some basic backyard pond maintenance, a pond will stay fresh and look beautiful for years to come.

Whether you have a large farm pond, stream, waterfall, smaller koi pond or water garden, the key is to provide maintenance on a regular basis so the water environment, as well as plants and fish, will remain healthy. Without regular backyard pond maintenance, plants wilt and fish die, and there is nothing that looks or smells less aesthetic than that.

It is important to maintain various components of water features, especially pond filtration systems. Filters keep the water free from the build-up of debris and fish excrement, which can render the environment unsuitable for plant and animal life. Proper filtration and filter cleaning is essential for a healthy, vibrant pond.

There are two types of pond filtration systems, and the type used will typically depend on the size of the pond and the quantity of fish and plant life contained in it. Mechanical filters use pumps and sponges to remove detritus from the pond. These types of filters should be maintained with weekly cleanings. Biological filters are popular with pond owners who have a lot of pond life.

These types of filters use colony-forming beneficial bacteria to break down organic waste and convert any toxic chemicals or harmful gases, such as ammonia, into less toxic nitrates, so as not to hurt the pond life. Biological pond filtration systems should be cleaned annually, either in the spring or fall.

Homeowners rely on pond filtration systems to clean the debris out of the water, but sometimes over long periods of time the filter doesn’t keep up with all the waste. Under the beautiful vegetation and aquatic life of a pond is typically a garden pond liner, the foundation of the pond, which keeps the environment functioning effectively.

Many water garden landscapers recommend rugged, long-lasting rubber garden pond liners because they are resistant to punctures from rocks. These types of permanent pond liners will withstand most weather and water conditions. Over time, however, garden pond liners may begin to build up with silt so they need to be maintained just as filtration systems do. Liners should be cleaned at least every five years – in the spring for a fish pond and in the fall for a standard waterscape.

Professional landscape architects agree that a few simple steps in backyard pond maintenance will keep your outdoor living space looking pristine for decades and will add value to your entire home.


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