49 Cool Dorm Room Organization Ideas On A Budget

Cool Dorm Room Organization Ideas On A Budget 36 Cool Dorm Room Organization Ideas On A Budget 36

Let’s face it, almost all dorm rooms are totally impersonal and boring. But there is a whole lot you can do with those white cinderblock walls and that nondescript furniture. You can decorate your dorm room without spending a lot of money, too. Here are a few crafty ideas that you can use to decorate your dorm room in style.

Create a collage of pictures. It can be hard to leave all the pictures you have of your friends and family members at home, but chances are that you can’t fit more than a couple of picture frames in your dorm room.

Bring along one or two special framed pictures, and make collages of the rest. You can create collages through online pictures sites, which will print them and send them to you in poster size, or you can create your own poster collages to hang in your dorm room. Either way, these are a good way to incorporate your personality into a room and to get more than just a couple of your favorite pictures up on the walls.

Use cute organizational tools. Since your dorm room will be small, and since it will be bedroom, living room, makeup room, and kitchen all at once, you’ll definitely want to keep things organized.

Think about buying some pretty baskets for storing your snacks under your microwave, or pick up some fun pencil holders for your desk and bookshelves. These will keep the clutter at bay, but they won’t look totally utilitarian.

Utilize what you have. The most random of things can become decorations, and you may be able to use some of your practical objects to dress up your dorm room. One great trick is to organize books on a shelf by color, which lends a striking focal point to a room.

You could also create an interesting jewelry rack that will turn your unworn necklaces, bracelets, and earrings into decorations for your wall, or you could swath your walls and desk chair in pretty scarves that you can pull off and wear when you feel like it.

Don’t rely on too many knick-knacks. One of the quickest ways to make a small space feel claustrophobic is to pack it with lots of little knick-knacks. Bring a few important sentimental objects from home, but leave the rest on your bedroom dresser.

Instead of decorating with a whole slew of small objects, rely on one or two pictures or wall hangings to be the focal point of your room, and then add in a few smaller things just for some personality.

Leave yourself room to breathe. It can be tempting to cover every surface in your dorm room with objects, but you’re going to need that space for homework soon. Instead of covering every surface with something, leave yourself some work space, and make sure that there’s enough space in your room for people to sit down and make themselves comfortable.


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