47 Spectacular Winter Mantle Decoration Ideas

Spectacular Winter Mantle Decoration Ideas 37 Spectacular Winter Mantle Decoration Ideas 37

The fireplace is the focus of a room and attracts a lot of attention. If you have a fireplace you might have decorated the mantle with a loadful of your favorite decoration pieces till the dust collects and the whole place looks quite overdone and eventually neglected.

Instead of cluttering the place, you can go for a combination of selective pieces that go with the room décor, and you can always keep rotating the displays regularly.

While choosing the decoration pieces, make sure they are sized appropriately, neither too big nor too small for the mantle. Match them to the room décor and the color scheme of the room so that they don’t look out of place. Make sure these items are non-inflammable if your fireplace is functional.

Avoid books, kerosene oil lamps, wooden décor, etc. You can display a centerpiece on the mantel, which would be the focal point of the decoration scheme. This could be a piece of art, flowers in a vases or a mirror.

For creating a balance, arrange equally sized items in small groups. Don’t arrange them all in a single row; instead go for the three dimensional look. This can be done by placing the centerpiece toward the front and other items toward the end of the mantle. Or arrange them in groups of threes in the form of a triangle.

Display framed photos, decorative vases and pots, ceramics, royal bone china plates, etc. You can dress up your mantel with a mantel runner and decorate it seasonally with lights and glittery baubels during the winter holidays.


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